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Zoom Out Of Order: "Shape Shifting Liveness"


Meeting-ID: 886 7807 3534
Kenncode: huhu)

As digital tools, screen sizes and old academic habits continue to shape our way: In which other ways is this shape-shifting our lives? Which possibilities are offered by corona, zoom, pixels, lockdown? Do we really need to be somewhere to learn or can knowledge travel through digital signals? Also how can online encounters take place in more cross-media visionary ways?

Shape Shifting Liveness portrays an online counter-lecture (fragmenting and distorting the audience experience while disrupting its traditional linearity) framed as an audio-visual essay on alternative timelines and non-linear narratives. It combines Hyperimages, samples, sounds, media-innovative and entertaining online AV format, some of which depicts critical perspectives and experimentation on real-time dramaturgy, schooling systems, learning theories, eurocentrism and geopolitics.